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Jennifer Flynn is an evidential medium, trained by world renowned mediums, Lisa Williams and Tony Stockwell. Jennifer earned her CSA certification at the ISSD and has also studied at Lily Dale and the Holistic Studies Institute in New York City. Her intention is to connect the living with those who have passed and to help facilitate healing through the process. 

Jennifer performs private readings (1-2 people) in her office or by phone and group readings (7-10 people) at your location, by appointment. She is also available for charity events, gallery events, and media appearances. 





Mediumship is my calling and sacred purpose.
In all that I do, I seek to serve you, your loved ones in spirit, and our Creator.


In Eternal Life, Angels, God, the Holy Spirit and that our soul continues to not only exist, but evolve, after our physical time on Earth has ended.  I believe in a Divine Creator and that LOVE is truly the thing that matters most. 

I also believe that you have found me for a reason.  If you are here then perhaps you are ready to connect with your own Divine Soul or a loved one who has passed on?  Your loved ones, guides and angels are always trying to connect with you.  They visit you in dreams and send you scents, images, and specific signs to let you know they are still with you.  We learn to dismiss these signs as our imagination or wishful thinking but I believe it is how the Divine connects with us.


To open the door to Spirit and connect you with your loved ones by offering specific, personal, and evidential information that will validate for you that your loved ones continue to live on in Spirit.  I always work for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.  I do not dwell in anything dark as I know true mediumship is a gift from God.

I seek to bring forward those you most need to hear from and to touch upon the soul’s greatest need.  You may receive information about your current life situation or your loved one may share of their own memories whilst living.  They often times make jokes and try to get you to laugh and remember them as they were rather than as they may have been at the end of their life.


God has put me here to Serve Him though Mediumship.  I was a reluctant, hesitant servant.  I did not want to medium, I didn’t believe that I could have such a Gift and yet, God allows me to be the voice for those in Spirit.  Once I trusted the Gift and surrendered to it, my entire life changed.  I witness great healing, peace and comfort for people every day and that is truly a Gift. 

Like someone born with the natural ability to sing well, I was born with the ability to see, hear, and feel Spirit.  I mostly kept that information to myself growing up but found myself on a mission to know as much as I could about the paranormal, God, Angels, and “ghosts.”  At age 20, I was told by a very talented psychic that I would be doing her same work one day.  I left there saying she was nuts.  Years later, I found that I could no longer keep those in Spirit out of my life.  I sought the help of world renowned medium, Lisa Williams, who mentored me and helped me to develop and trust my own mediumship.  I have also studied under the caring eye of Britain's Tony Stockwell and have worked and studied with some of the finest mediums at the famed Lily Dale Assembly. 


People are the reason I do what I do.
I love watching years of pain or guilt be lifted in a few moments. 

Jennifer is an extremely gifted and sincere person. She can validate on-point, accurate information without you providing her with any prior knowledge. She is wonderful enough to share this special gift with strangers and truly help change your perspective on life or a tough situation by letting you know you aren’t alone. Your angels are always with you. Thank you for the gift, Jennifer.
— Lori R.
I met Jennifer 2 years ago at a group reading and she was so spot on it left me speechless, and in tears. Fast forward to now - I decided to treat my boyfriend to a reading as he needed some healing with a passing. Jennifer again was so spot on, she knew things that just gave him chills. She also had a few messages for me that made me feel so grateful to her and to Spirit. Jennifer is the real deal. I love how open, friendly and loving she is.
— MaryBeth H.
Jennifer is truly amazing! We had several readings with her, and she always contacts our loved ones, even our pets. She is truly gifted, and she brings so much comfort to us. We highly recommend her. You won’t be disappointed! We cannot wait to see her again. Each reading is different, and sheds light on some of the things we are coping with in life. Thank You, Jennifer for being so amazing. ♥
— Donna O.
I cannot adequately express in words truly just how amazing Jennifer is at what she does. I participated in a group reading last night, and she was able to tell me things from my Nana (and others) that were 100% accurate—little things like she was sitting in a chair when she passed, things I keep inside a Bible, 3 broken watches—I can go on and on and on. She continued to amaze me with everyone else’s readings—it was both fascinating and beautiful to watch. I highly recommend you give Jennifer a try. You won’t be disappointed.
— Jamie H.
Jennifer is amazing! For the first time in 27 years, I feel at peace. Can’t wait to see her again!
— Dana P.
Thank you so much for our group reading.... Not only are you kind and caring but you are absolutely amazing at what you do!! I could not have been happier with your work.
— Sharlene G.
Had an AMAZING reading tonight and I couldn’t say more positive things about Jenn. Simply Amazing. She gave me a sense of peace—LOVE HER!!!!
— Crystal J.
Jennifer is truly amazing she is spot on with her readings and very interesting to watch she keeps you mesmerized!
— Patricia W.

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